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CLogic Defense provides production processing, analysis, design, development, manufacture, deployment, and sustainment of military hardware systems rapidly and precisely. Existing facilities include metal part fabrication, electronics assembly, laser processing; electro-optics assembly; electronics and mechanism testing, heavy fabrication, precision fabrication, optical processing, E-coat, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, and powder finishing along with all forms of plating and heat treating. Some facilities are highly robotic for precise, repetitive work and some sites operate "lights out" on shifts two and three to support sustained rates of processing. Clean rooms, optical processing, forming, welding, assembly and test facilities including finishing and pack-out allows for scalable processing.


CLogic Defense's value proposition is built on its unique multi-site capabilities matched to client program requirements. Our ability to rapidly tool up our manufacturing facilities for urgent military requirements is unmatched.

CLogic Defense

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